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I had to sell my fathers 1946 pink gold bubble back Rolex time piece. I had a couple of online companies and picked the wrong 1. or Owner Mr, Richard Latona and Mr. Ryan Steel harvard business grads. More like thieves.

They were at first all gun ***, so I signed there contract, they sold my time piece, and now will not pay me. They will not answer phone calls or e-mails.

I have started legal proceedings, first with the Governor of Atlanta, checking with local media, looking into fraud charges or theft to file. I'm going to sue them.

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A very unhappy customer for over a year and a half.They have a time piece of mine for sale, and I don't trust them what so ever.I'm currently waiting for a response from them now


Don't trust him... I got scammed by this thief (Rick Latona) last year,I pushed one domain to his account and never receive any money in the deal.He blocked me after in Skype and never reply to my emails.


Don't trust him...


They look legit but stay away! Every time I go in there to get answers I meet someone else just as pissed as me.

#393476 sold my Rolex Sea-Dweller on June 28, 2011 for $4,000. They were supposed to keep a 19% consignment fee and pay me the remainder.

As of today, December 18, 2011, they have not paid me anything. By e-mail, they inform me that I will be paid by November 31, 2012.

They are either totally incompetent or else criminal. I vote for criminal.


Entered a sales agreement to sell my watch with Watchbrokers salesman Eric Toso. After many weeks post sale I was told there customer was off shore and time was needed to clear Customs, etc.

It's been approx 2 months and I've been told by the Governors Office of Consumer Protection, I'm not the only one who is seeking there monies post a sale.

The Governors Office should hand this over the Fed's as it is considered Fedral mail fraud, based upoun the use of mail, emailes, etc with we being out of state. I keep on calling and I even up to ths day have not gotten any positive insight that I was told payments would be made; "first in first out" Pure bull.


Well, I think it's time for us to combine forces and start a class action law suit against Rick Latona and RJ Bergh. From all I have seen, they have over 100,000 dollars in watches they have sold and not paid us for.

They completely ignored me. Any one want to run with this idea? I don't have a lot of time to blog, but I am more than happy to find a lawyer, pro-bono.

I know they sold for less than appraisel with my time piece. Add it all up it's going to be a lot of money.


I dont no but ill look for around

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